Crazy Quirks? Inside the Atlanta Braves new Digs

Over the past two years, the Atlanta Braves have been anxiously awaiting their new stadium, now called SunTrust Park, to open. After spending 20 years at Turner Field, which fittingly was the site of the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics, the Braves will finally have a baseball-specific stadium in which to stay for a long time.

Turner Field was built as Centennial Olympic Stadium, a traditional track and field stadium, in 1996. After the two week ceremony, the stadium then was transformed into Turner Field,  the new home of the Braves.

There were obvious flaws in the stadium, with reminents of the Olympics lingering after. So after 20 years in the downtown located field, the Braves will finally move into a suburban located cathedral in nearby cobb county.

The new features of the field include the new Chop House,  a steakhouse in right field. The new dimensions of the field are usual at 335 to the lines and 400 to dead center.

While the field is regular, the amenities in the concourse are second to none. Their team store has a 360-degree revolving rack that showcases the jerseys you can buy.

With the top of the line in every facet of concessions, the beautiful Georgia weather, and the great location, SunTrust Park should be an amazing home for the Braves for decades.