Minute Maid Park Center Field Renovation Review

After almost 16 years in Minute Maid Park, The unique Tal’s Hill was taken down to much chagrin. After doing this, the Jim Crane headed group decided to urbanize the center field area while bringing the fences into 409 feet.

Last Saturday, I was able to see the finished product, and I must say, it is breathtaking. From the patio seating at the Budweiser Brewhouse to the Torchy’s Tacos located in the upper level, the whole new look is very intelligent.

The cosmetic changes look well, as they have added a brick graffitied wall, designed by a local graffiti artist Franky Cardona. As you pass the street art, you find yourself in the Budweiser Brewhouse, a bar with a view of the field. With many beers on tap, many people find a good spot to watch the game from the friendly confines of the brewhouse.

As you work your way past the brewhouse, we see our first new restaurant for Minute Maid Park this year: Shake Shack. The New York based burger manufacturer opened its second Houston location in center field and serves up their award-winning burgers, shakes, and a new “Astros Blast” frozen custard.

The mainstay of the new renovation is the Torchy’s Tacos restaurant located in the mezzanine level of center field. The full-fledged restaurant sells the world-famous tacos, and the love of the brand has easily been seen through the first couple of games this season. When I went to a game a couple weeks ago, I noticed the line for Torchy’s extended all the way to right field, but they were able to be efficient and get the patient customers their food fast.

Through the simple removal of Tal’s Hill, Minute Maid Park has skyrocketed into one of the best stadiums in the MLB. Not only are they getting more revenue, but they are making the fan experience ten times better.


Photo// houstonbusinessjournals.com


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